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March 21, 2023 Dauphin Herald News Dauphin Herald
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March 21, 2023
Dauphin Herald Sports Doug Zywina

Kemp-Drysdale looks to step back from Skate Dauphin

Since 2008, Donna Kemp-Drysdale has been teaching youngsters in Dauphin as young as two how to skate. But after 14 years at the helm of Skate Dauphin, she is looking to take a step back and let someone else takes the reins. Kemp-Drysdale began her career as a…
March 21, 2023
Dauphin Herald Sports Doug Zywina

Prokopowich to enter Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame

Sifton’s Peter Prokopowich will be entering the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame this spring. The induction dinner and ceremony, which will be held, May 7 in Brandon, will see the local curler inducted into the hall with the Kelly Robertson team, which also…

About The Dauphin Herald 

The story of newspapers in Dauphin Manitoba is a long one and the Dauphin Herald has played a leading role in that story from the beginning.

First published under the mast head of The Weekly News and for a short time as The Spectator, the paper took on the responsibility of recording the history of the community - the highs and the lows - back in 1899.

The name of the publication was changed to the Dauphin Herald Company Limited in 1904.

In 1917 the Herald amalgamated with the other publication of the day, the Dauphin Press to form the Dauphin Herald and Press which continued with the important work of chronicling the daily life of the community for the next 50 years when the name was once again shortened to the Dauphin Herald. Along the way other publications sprang up which were eventually absorbed by the Herald and Press which continued to lead the way, as was often the case in the industry during its early days.

Over the years the Dauphin Herald has carried out its role through several owners, both private and corporate and has grown in stature and prominence within the provinces newspaper industry.

Presently owned and published by Gilroy Publishing, the Herald continues to fulfill the role as the official record of Dauphin and is an instrumental piece of the communitys daily life.