Caruk-Ganczar’s EDAM nomination “definitely the work of a team”

Published on Tuesday, 06 September 2022 07:54

Carissa Caruk-Ganczar’s work at The Hub in Dauphin is not going unnoticed.

The program manager and leadership coach at the local entrepreneurship centre and coworking space has been nominated for a prestigious Award of Distinction from the Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM).

“It’s exciting and a great honour in terms to be recognized. We do so much of this work in our field that isn’t done for public recognition, or even being able to talk about, because so much of the work that happens in all the economic development fields is behind the scenes working with private pieces,” Caruk-Ganczar said.

“So to be recognized by peers who we’ve worked with a long time across the industry is quite an honour honestly. Just to be able to know that they see those things and they see the work that is done and the approaches that we take, to the industry and also to work with any of our partners across the province, as well.

“It’s a humbling piece to have the light shone on you, but it’s definitely the work of a team, that’s for sure.”

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