Buckwold Bridge contract awarded

Published on Tuesday, 06 February 2024 07:20

Work on rehabilitation of the Buckwold Bridge is expected to begin soon after city councillors awarded the contract at a special meeting, Feb. 5.

Five bids were received for the project with the lowest quote of $1,089,908.47 from Armcon Ltd., of Stonewall, eventually chosen.

Dauphin director of Public Works and Operations, Mike VanAlstyne said the quotes received did not come as a shock, like when the bids for Main Street South came in.

“They are slightly higher than our estimate, but within an acceptable range, for sure,” he said.

VanAlstyne said Dauphinites can expect to see work begin by the end of the month as the site is prepared for construction season.

“The contractor will install a netting, a mesh underneath the bridge to prevent any birds from nesting, and there may be some slope work this spring before spring runoff,” he said. “Then we anticipate the contractor to be starting the deck rehab work probably in May at some point.”

The project involves partial depth replacement of the entire deck, placement of new glass fiber reinforced polymer reinforcing, placement of new concrete, compression seal replacement, targeted local repairs to curb and girder ends and installation of rip rap with an eye toward protection of utilities, environmental protection and restoration of the site.

Buckwold Bridge lies on Fourth Avenue Southwest. As part of a major east-west route within the city the contract puts an emphasis on time with performance penalties for missed deadlines.

All works associated with rip rap and bird net installation need to be completed no later than Mar. 31, while the substantial completion date – all rehabilitation works, including girder end repairs and removal of traffic control has been set at June 28. Daily liquidated damages, should either of these deadlines be missed will be charged to the contractor at the rate of $2,500 per calendar day until the work is completed.

The overall completion date for all works including any deficiencies, removal of temporary works and site restoration is July 12, with daily liquidated damages charged at $1,000 per day.

As the rehabilitation of the bridge is straightforward with really no structural repairs required, VanAlstyne expects the contractor will be faced with few, if any challenges.

“(The bridge) is in good shape,” he said. “We have to do a little bit of repairs to the ends of the girders, the underside beams, but just to kind of prevent further spread of chloride intrusion.”

Other bids received as part of the request for proposals included MD Steele Construction at $1,439,674.19, Fort Richmond Construction at $2,484,870, and Minty’s Moving at $2,486,780. A non-compliant bid was also received from Western Construction Services.

The work will be paid for by the City’s Gas Tax Reserve and funding provided by the Province.

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