Mazier sees private member’s Bill C-288 passed in the Senate

Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2024 10:44

It was a long battle, but Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa MP Dan Mazier has helped to level the playing field in Canada’s telecommunications landscape.

After more than three years of extensive work, cross-party negotiations, and navigating the parliamentary process, the Senate officially passed Mazier’s private Member’s bill (C-288) that amends the Telecommunications Act to force internet companies to disclose transparent and accurate information on the speeds they sell Canadians.

“For too long, Canadians have been purchasing internet services at sky-high prices only to realize the quality and speed they expected to receive is nowhere near what they actually receive,” Mazier said.

“This is because the government has allowed internet companies to advertise speeds Canadians may never receive.”

Bill C-288 will force internet companies to disclose accurate speeds that reflect what a consumer is most likely to obtain instead of a maximum theoretical speed. Currently, internet companies use language such as “up to” when advertising their service quality, leading consumers to believe a service will be better than it actually is.

“A lack of accurate information when choosing an internet service can result in consumers overpaying, user complaints, and not purchasing the best-fit service. It also reduces overall service quality within the telecom industry,” Mazier said.

Telecommunication experts and advocacy organizations across Canada rallied behind Mazier’s bill from the beginning, helping garner support for the legislation from all political parties.

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