City adopts 2023 financial statements after a clear audit

Published on Tuesday, 02 July 2024 09:41

Dauphin city council held a special meeting, June 27, to approve the 2023 audited financial statement.

In the opinion of auditors Meyers Norris Penny, the City’s consolidated financial statements, “present fairly in all material respects the consolidated financial position of the City as at December 31, 2023, and the results of its consolidated operations remeasurement gains and or losses, changes in net financial assets, cash flows and supporting schedules for the year then ended in accordance with the Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards.

“I’d like to acknowledge both Scott Carr and the folks in our finance department that did a tremendous amount of work, considering some backend glitches in how the system worked for this year. And also just a thank you to Meyers Norris Penney for sort of stepping in the breach and helping Scott and the folks here at the city to get this in on time,” mayor David Bosiak said, adding changes to the taxation system around education levies added a wrinkle this year and made timelines tight for city staff to provide the audited books to the province.

“Just to re-emphasize the notion that we have a clean audit with no adjustments, that speaks volumes of the tremendous work that our administration does here at city hall to keep council in line and operating under good financial practices. So again, congrats to those folks.”

The special meeting also provided council an opportunity to take care of some other pending business.

Council authorized the purchase of a new heavy duty utility truck accounted for in the 2024 financial plan after a request for proposals closed, June 21.

Two proposals were received from local dealers with council choosing to purchase a 2024 Dodge Ram 3500 at a cost of $72,570 plus applicable taxes. Council had originally budgetted $80,000 for the purchase.

While gathered, councillors also gave second and third readings to, signed and sealed Bylaw 04/2024, appointing Robert Dodds as a special constable for the City of Dauphin, allowing the community’s new bylaw enforcement officer to begin his duties.

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