Shawn Bailey

Shawn Bailey

The Dauphin Derailleurs Cycle Club (DDCC) is capitalizing on some recent donations to move forward its goal of providing healthy opportunities in the community that focus on physical activity and mental well-being.

DDCC’s Bike Hub Project has launched thanks to a $5,000 grant from Prairie Mountain Health’s Healthy Together Now program and matching donations from Johnston and Company, Accent Chartered Professional Accountants and the Dauphin Veterinary Clinic.

“Our request for that funding was to establish a bike program for people that may not have access to bikes,” DDCC chair Brenda Gregory said, adding the $20,000 was used to purchase 12 fat bikes and 12 helmets as the foundation of the project.

The plan is to make the bikes available to the community to learn about cycling and experience area trails, guided rides and workshops.

The bikes will also be used by youth that would like to be part of the Kids of Mud program, but do not have access to, or the means to purchase a bike on their own.

“We’re going to stick with the primary objectives of still ensuring that people who may not have access to bikes will have access to them,” Gregory said, adding it is intended that the Bike Hub program will run year round and give people the opportunity to try biking in all types of climates. “So there’ll be two components to the program. It will be for people that want to rent them up at Northgate trails and it will be for people who may not have the ability to get up to Northgate, but want to either learn how to ride a bike or ride a bike in town. So we would give access to groups that are maybe a little more marginalized and don’t have the funds. So we would balance that between rentals and free programming.”

The vision of the DDCC is to facilitate a positive and inclusive cycling culture that promotes a lifestyle of wellness and a connection to nature. The Bike Hub is the perfect vehicle to promote that, Gregory said, adding biking is a life skill and sport that can be used for fun, transportation and employment.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022 08:04

Dauphin election picture is coming into focus

With the registration period now closed the Oct. 26 municipal and school board election is coming into focus.

And when it comes to the City of Dauphin council race that means a crowded ballot.

Last week, prior to the end of the nomination period, 16 candidates had registered their intention to seek a council seat, senior election official Kirk Dawson said, adding candidates still have a limited amount of time to drop out of the race.

Currently the six council seats are being contested by Jason Alf, Randy Daley, Steve Sobering, Sharon Riehl, Carter Taylor-Luke, Ted Rea, Michael Winter, Joseph Houston, Kathy Bellemare, Rodney Juba, Patti Eilers, Devin Shtykalo, Christian Laughland, Bev Sarkonak, Ken Tarrant and Tamara Michelle.

The mayor’s race will officially feature two candidates in David Bosiak and Kerri Riehl,

Over in the Rural Municipality of Dauphin the reeve’s chair is being sought by two candidates in Ernie Sirski and Tom Gibbs.

RM voters will have some choices to make when it comes to filling the council table with Todd Boguski, David Johnson, John Bremner, Ken Shewchuk, Midge Sametz, Ken Plustwa, Ron Ryz, Jarri Thompson and Wilf Katchurowski all seeking a seat.

In terms of the race for school board trustees, only one candidate had returned their nomination papers as of last week, Floyd Martens in Ward 1 Roblin.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022 07:57

Village addition

The Ukrainian Heritage Village Museum at Selo Ukraina will soon have a new addition as the Ukrainian Folk Arts Centre and Museum has plans to move the Sandringham teacherage from its present location in the RM of Dauphin to the heritage village.

Selo president Jim Perchaluk said a foundation has been constructed for the building and he expects the move to take place sometime around the end of the month.

The teacherage was constructed around 1903 and was in use until 1964 when rural schools began closing their doors throughout Manitoba.

The Sandringham school itself was moved to Fort Dauphin Museum in 1980.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022 06:40

Rotary launching a new signature event

The local Rotary Club is drawing on its long history of organizing popular and profitable community events to roll out a fresh offering for area residents.

The inaugural Dauphin Rotary Oktoberfest makes its debut, Oct. 22, running from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Aspen Lodge and the Curlers Lounge in the Parkland Recreation Complex.

The evening has two distinct elements to it, Rotary president Christine Harapiak said.

“We’re featuring Manitoba craft beers, so there’ll be different vendors. It will just be beer brewed in Manitoba, because we think there’s a lot of exciting work happening and that people should have a chance to experience the different types of beer,” Harapiak said, adding a $45 ticket to the event will get you in the door and provide you a flight of four craft beers.

The second element centres on what the club is calling the Parkland Sausage Wars. The fun blind taste test involves sampling the wares of area sausage makers and voting for your favourite.

For the modest investment of $5, those participating will get a sample of sausage from one of four booths fashioned after German kingdoms. Each additional investment of $5 is rewarded with another sausage sample and another ballot, Harapiak said.

“We’ll crown a champion at the end of the night. The winner will be revealed as to which vendor the crowd’s favourite sausage came from. So we hope it’s a little bit of fun,” she said. “We will reveal all the vendors at the end of the night. We won’t say who was second, third or fourth. We’ll say the champion and then we’ll make sure that everybody knows where the different sausages came from, so they can go in and buy some for themselves.”

There will be plenty of other activities going on throughout the night to keep people busy such as an auction of interesting item donated by local businesses and an array of German-themed snacks donated by Dauphin Co-op, which is a major sponsor of the event.

“And you’ll get a souvenir Rotary Oktoberfest 2022 taster glass,” Harapiak added. “Our hope is that people will come back every year and they’ll have a whole selection of taster glasses at home to continue the fun of beer tasting.”

Harapiak said the idea for the evening came from club member Howard Wirch as local Rotarians were brainstorming something to replace the Rotary wine tasting which was no longer being supported by the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation.

“We like to think our signature events were fun. We had Lobsterfest and wine tasting and those were great events for the community to get together and they’ve sort of fallen off over the last couple years with COVID,” Harapiak said. “So we’re excited to have something like this come up.”

Proceeds from the event will be used to support Rotary activities in the area. Harapiak said while Rotary is known for its strong support of local and international projects, the club is building towards a special anniversary.

What we’re working towards in rotary is thinking about 2024 and our 100th anniversary as a service Club in the city of Dauphin, Harapiak said.

“So some of the funds raised from this will go towards projects celebrating that. We’re kind of consulting with the community right now about what some of the needs are before we decide exactly where our next projects are going to be.”

Tickets for Rotary Oktoberfest 2022 are available from the Dauphin Liquor Mart or from any Dauphin Rotary Club member.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022 07:28

BLTs anyone?

Local gardener Al Kindret poses with some impressive tomatoes he produced in his garden this year.

The Big Beef bedding plants were purchased at Secord-Crowe Greenhouse this spring and produced a bumper crop with all of the ruit of a size similar to these two specimens.

The larger of the two tomatoes brought in by Kindret weighed in at 1.25 pounds, while the other pictured here tipped the scales at .61 pounds.

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A donation from the local Cargill elevator has secured an important piece of equipment for the fire departments which make up the Riding Mountain Mutual Aid District.

The local agribusiness provided $4,400, which was used to purchase a coffer dam and pencil auger that is used in grain entrapment situations that require rescue efforts, Dauphin fire chief and Riding Mountain Mutual Aid co-ordinator Cam Abrey said.

In a release, local Cargill employees expressed their pleasure at being able to partner with the mutual aid district in increasing safety levels throughout the region.

“The Cargill Dauphin location is pleased to help support the Riding Mountain Mutual Aid District safety program through a donation of life saving grain engulfment prevention equipment. Ensuring safe facility operations is our first and most important focus and we are proud to partner with our local fire departments.”

On Sept. 7, Ethelbert firefighters Roger Stratuliak and Andrew Spek demonstrated the equipment for the staff at Cargill and thanked them on behalf of the district departments for the generous donation.

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Monday, 01 August 2022 15:20

Field for municipal elections filling up

The list of local candidates in the upcoming Manitoba municipal elections is growing.

In the city of Dauphin there is still just two contestants in the mayoralty race - David Bosiak and Kerri Riehl.

While several packages have been picked up and remain outstanding, those registered for the councillor vote include Jason Alf, Randy Daley, Ted Rea, Joe Houston, Michael Winter, Bev Sarkonak, Sharon Riehl and Carter Taylor-Luke.

In the Rural Municipality of Dauphin, Ernie Sirski and Tom Gibbs have registered in the race for reeve, while council papers have been filed by Jack Bremner, Ken Shewchuk, Midge Sametz, Ken Plustwa and Ron Ryz.

The race for school board trustees has yet to register a candidate although Senior Election Official Kirk Dawson says several packages have been picked up by potential candidates.

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Wednesday, 06 July 2022 15:18

Council candidates coming forward

With the registration period for those seeking council seats in the Oct. 26 general municipal election opening last week, Kirk Dawson has been busy.

The Senior Election Official for the City of Dauphin and the Rural Municipality of Dauphin said inquiries from prospective candidates and requests for registration packages have been brisk.

“There is tons of interest. (In the City) We’ve already got five registered and none of those are incumbents,” Dawson said. “We’ve had a few other inquiries beyond that. So for the first week basically, it’s under a week actually, it’s been very active.”

At this point, registered candidates for city council include Joe Houston, Ted Rea, Michael Winter, Carter Luke and Sharon Riehl while the mayorality is being contested by David Bosiak and Kerri Riehl.

In the RM two candidates have registered with incumbent councillor Tom Gibbs entering the race for reeve while incumbent reeve Ron Ryz has registered to contest for a council seat.

“Again there are a couple of other packages out, where we’re waiting for the registrations,” Dawson added.

Prospective candidates will have an opportunity to get a better feel for the job of an elected official when the City and RM hold prospective candidates forums, at the RM of Dauphin Office, July 13, at 7 p.m. for rural candidates and at City Hall, July 14, at 7 p.m. for city candidates.

At each forum municipal staff will lay out what is involved in being a councillor in terms of duties and time commitments while the two governments have partnered to bring in former Association of Manitoba Municipalities executive director Joe Masi as a keynote speaker each night.

“He’s been around politics for a long time and he’s going to be coming out and talking about what makes good councils and what doesn’t,” Dawson said. “It’s for anybody that’s considering running, to give them a little better perspective on what it might look like if they did put their name forward.”

While he waits for other registration packages to be returned Dawson is busy preparing for polling day. Currently he is hiring voting officials and assistant voting officials. About 30 people will be needed to assist with the city election while another 10 are required to help out in the RM process.

“These are the people that work at the polls on election day and the advanced polls.” he said, adding he already has an extensive list of interested applicants.

Anyone interested in getting on that list can contact city hall at 204-622-3200 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“We’ll probably start phoning next week. We have a list of the people in the past and I’ve got several other people that have mentioned their names, but I can always take more names. It’s sort of a first come, first serve thing,” Dawson said. “We’ll certainly get their names down and as they go down the list we’ll make sure we consider them.”

The nomination period for both head of council and council positions runs Sept. 14 to 20 with Sept. 21 as the withdrawal deadline.

Advance polling runs Oct. 3 to 21, and election day is Oct. 26, with polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2022 07:41

Welcome back!

Ecole Macneill principal Monique Lefebvre welcomes students back to the first day of school, last Wednesday.

There was an air of excitement among students, staff and parents at the French immersion school in Dauphin, to be returning to a “normal” school environment, free from many of the public health restrictions which guided education over the last two years.

There will be 193 instructional days in the MVSD 2022-23 school year.

Carissa Caruk-Ganczar’s work at The Hub in Dauphin is not going unnoticed.

The program manager and leadership coach at the local entrepreneurship centre and coworking space has been nominated for a prestigious Award of Distinction from the Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM).

“It’s exciting and a great honour in terms to be recognized. We do so much of this work in our field that isn’t done for public recognition, or even being able to talk about, because so much of the work that happens in all the economic development fields is behind the scenes working with private pieces,” Caruk-Ganczar said.

“So to be recognized by peers who we’ve worked with a long time across the industry is quite an honour honestly. Just to be able to know that they see those things and they see the work that is done and the approaches that we take, to the industry and also to work with any of our partners across the province, as well.

“It’s a humbling piece to have the light shone on you, but it’s definitely the work of a team, that’s for sure.”

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