King report operational deficit

Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2024 09:57

A drop in fund-raising revenue resulted in the Dauphin Kings reporting a financial loss for the 2023-24 Manitoba Junior Hockey League season.

The local junior A hockey club reported total revenues of $612,018, compared to total expenses of $740,981, resulting in a loss of $128,963.

The deficit was largely attributed to a drop in fund-raising revenues, mainly the tractor lotto, the grow project and the team’s bingo nights.

The tractor lotto, in particular, had 420 single tickets that weren’t sold last year and the lawn tractor ticket sales were down, as well.

Kings team president Ashley Shaw said there are some great individuals who take on the tasks of running each of the various fund-raisers, but, as was mentioned during the meeting, there are always ebbs and flows.

“The tractor lotto is something that we just have to revisit, look at how we can make it better,” she said.

“The grow project is really weather dependant. There’s a whole bunch of factors in there. We just hope that this year, we have a really good crop.

“There’s other things that we can look at, as well. Everything is going up in price right now and so we’re just going to have to really look at our budget close and see where we can tweak a few things and really make sure that next year, we’re not seeing that loss again.”

The board, Shaw said, is always looking at new fund-raising ideas, but the trouble is there are such big fund-raisers that the team is already doing that they don’t want to give up.

“We understand that there’s only so many sponsors in Dauphin. There’s only so many times people can give money or give donations.  So we’ve really got to be strategic in what works for us. Maybe this year we’ll look at tweaking a few things and making some changes for fund-raisers,” she said.

Nick Jewell and Ron Hedley resigned from the board, while Patrick Durham was the only person to join.

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