Unity Skatepark in final stages of fundraising

Published on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 09:39

The Unity Skatepark is fundraising for the last final stretch of the project. Over the course of fundraising, there have been some successful events that helped bring in dollars along with the donations. The biggest fundraiser was the popular 623opoly Game Project that raised over $14,000 for Unity Skate Park.
As the project got into it’s second phase, it ran into some unexpected costs.
“We’ve completed the first two phases of the project,” said Jerome Conaty. “Phase one was getting the construction documents completed and phase two was the foundation. That’s where we fell into a bit of an issue with the groundwork.
“Initially the park costs were to be about $500,000, and that’s what we had budgeted as a community group. We had a number of meetings with interested and invested partners in the project.

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