Sensitive Santa making an appearance again

Published on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 09:44

Going to see Santa can be a real challenge when one has an autistic child. The rush, noise, flashing lights can be too much to take in and cause the child a sensory overload. Sensitive Santa was created in the tri-community to give those who have autism or sensory issues, a chance to experience the magic of Santa in an atmosphere that is comfortable for them.
“Sensitive Santa was created for families who would otherwise not get to have a visit with Santa because of the nature of a traditional visit,” said Melanie Young. “For some children, especially autistic children, a traditional visit is too overwhelming for them. Autistic people may have many challenges associated with sensory information. Large areas with loud music and lots of people talking, bright lights, Santa calling out to children, bells, standing in a long line with too much going on around them can be very difficult to navigate.

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