Ducharme receives Indigenous educator Award

Published on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 09:46

A Kelsey Community School Teacher is being recognized and acknowledged for her teaching efforts and abilities. Myrna Ducharme was recently announced as one of the recipients of Indspire Indigenous Educator Awards.
The Indspire Indigenous Educator Award is one that recognizes Indigenous educators who guide their students’ journeys through leadership, innovative practice and dedication to the community. One of Ducharme’s nominators, who also works at Kelsey Community School, Cheryl Antonio, knew that Ducharme was definitely an excellent candidate for this award.
“Myrna is not just an excellent teacher and role model for students, but for her coworkers as well,” said Antonio. “She has been taking time from her personal life for years to educate herself on how to educate others on the importance of Indigenous Education and to incorporate it into the classroom daily. She is able to share these teachings with a calm passion that entices you to learn more and want to be involved.

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