Le Pas de Danse earns national recognition

Published on Tuesday, 02 July 2024 16:16

The art of dance is strong in The Pas, much like the arts culture in general, and last week Le Pas de Danse studio earned national recognition for one of their competitive performances. Le Pas de Danse dancers are still fairly new to competing, but already, they are proving to be strong contenders in the art of dance.
“Le Pas de Danse was started up in 2019, and we refrained from doing competitions at that time because I knew how much work it is and I didn’t feel we were ready for that level,” said Le Pas de Dance Studio Instructor Patty-Jean St Hilaire. “The students have been asking to compete now for the last couple of years, and we do have an intensive program where our dancers have been dancing five to seven hours a week, which is a pre-competitive level of dance.

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