The Pas Roadrunners ready to make a splash this season

Published on Wednesday, 07 September 2022 09:30

The Pas Roadrunners Swim Club is getting ready for their season and opened up registration last week.

They are hoping to attract some new members to the club and build up their beginner level. 

“Ideally we are looking for youth to register between the ages of 7 to 10,” said The Pas Roadrunners Swim Club Coach Nick Popiel. “Sometimes we have swimmers that are older and introduced to the sport later, and that’s fine too. For the beginner swimmers, they will swim up to three times a week. In their first year of swimming, swim meets aren’t a big focus. We have two small local swim meets in The Pas and later they have the opportunity to go to one in Winnipeg or Saskatoon."

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