Jersey auction about awareness

Published on Wednesday, 01 March 2023 08:36

In an effort to raise awareness for murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls, a local hockey team is wearing a custom designed jersey that they auctioned off to raise funds for this specific cause. The OCN Storm Board of Directors wanted to facilitate a fundraiser that also came with a very important social cause and the MMIWG jerseys were the most fitting option.
“The OCN Storm Board of Directors are trying to come up with ideas for fundraising and there was some discussion about the idea of a jersey to be auctioned off, that would raise money and bring awareness to a good cause,” said OCN Storm Board Director Kelly Jacobson. “We wanted to do something that was very unique and that hadn’t been done before, by any hockey organization ever. That is when I came up with the MMIWG jersey. The OCN Storm Board agreed that this would be a perfect way to raise money and bring people more awareness to this cause.

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