Skaters shine as they skate through the decades

Published on Wednesday, 26 April 2023 09:58

The Pas Figure Skating Club wrapped up their season in style with an afternoon performance Skating Through the Decades.
The performance comes after a season of hardwork by figure skaters of all levels and ages and planning on the part of board members, coaches and the skaters themselves.
“The planning of the Year End Review is all thanks to the board members that are parents of our figure skaters. This year while deciding on a theme I asked the figure skaters and they suggested picking a decade of music. After listening and skating too a few different eras, one of the skaters suggested since it’s hard to pick one let’s do all the decades,” Coach Sherry Hunter explained, adding
“It was decided “Skating Through the Decades” would be the theme. From there the board organized decorations, the program hand out, and raffles.”

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