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Local 4H members attend provincial rally

The Manitoba 4-H Council recently held it's first provincial rally in many years! Over 170 4-H members from across the province attended the rally that was held in the Keystone Centre in Brandon on May 13.
4-H members were able to pre-register and choose 2two workshops from a list of 17. These workshops consisted of beef, equestrian, archery, small animals, crafts, science in the kitchen, woodworking, tye dye, cookie decorating, drum making, dog training, roping, and more.


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Wednesday, 24 May 2023 08:42

Long time swim instructor acknowledged

If you grew up in The Pas and learned how to swim here, there’s a good chance that you had Mrs. Cherlyn Cain as your swim instructor. Cain has been a dedicated lifeguard and swim instructor in the community for at least 40 years. She got her start in learning how to swim at a much later age in life, but didn’t let that hold her back.
“The place I grew up as a child, there wasn’t a lot of bodies of water around except for a small creek by our farm,” said Cain. “We could paddle up to our ankles and when the water got deeper, our parents were very adamant about us kids not going near that creek.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023 08:40

No thanks!

The recent drug poisoning in The Pas that cost one young man his life has sparked a movement and campaign to get young people to say no thanks to recreational drug use. Joseph Fourre recently lost his son Harlen, due to drug poisoning and he wants to change the narrative when it comes to drug overdose versus drug poisoning, and eliminate stigma of addictions.
“In light of the recent and tragic death of my son Harlen Fourre, Singing Red Bear, who was a victim as result of the tainted drug poisoning on April 27, we organized a Drug Awareness Walk in his memory in The Pas,” said Joseph Fourre. “I’m pushing through with a ‘No Thanks to Recreational Drug Use’ campaign. I want to give our youth and people who are going into summer, which can be a time for parties, some encouragement to say no thanks when presented with recreational drugs.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023 08:37

CEDF launches new tourism kiosks in the north

In an effort to books tourism in northern Manitoba, the Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF) has recently launched one their newest development. CEDF has been creating economic development initiatives to strengthen the local economy and promote the north.
“We are a Provincial Crown Corporation and the lead economic development agency for northern Manitoba working for the Province,” said CEDF Manager of Programs and Projects Leann Brown. “Also we are the lead for the delivery of the Look North Action Plan that was approved by the provincial government in 2019. Our mandate is strictly looking at economic development throughout the north and trying to increase economy activity and prosperity.”

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Tuesday, 23 May 2023 08:41

Sunburn Classic

Grade 5 to 8 students from across the Valley converged on the SVRSS grounds to take part in the annual Sunburn Classic last Friday (May 19). A variety of running events in addition to high jump, long jump/triple jump, discus throw and shot put kept students moving from station to station.

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The Dauphin Clippers rugby teams will host the Westman High School Rugby semifinals, Wednesday, after both teams finished the regular season undefeated.

The Clippers girls will host the Souris Sabres, at 5:30 p.m., while the Clippers boys will host the Vincent Massey Vikings at 6:30 p.m.

The finals will be played on Saturday.

Both Dauphin teams ended the regular season with wins over Souris, with the girls scoring a 45-7 win and the boys triumphing, 52-10.

Megan Thompson led the girls with two tries, with Tanya Devos, Brooke Miner, Emma Fox, Chloe Fletcher and Felicity Sahulka adding singles. Miner had five converts.

Because the Clippers were able to jump out to an early lead, Clippers coach Shawn Sarkonak said, they were able to do some load management with some of the team’s veterans, who were banged up a bit in a win over Rivers, May 11.

“With that being the last game of the regular season and us not having our playoff semifinal game until Wednesday, that extra time for them to heal all those bumps and bruises will do well for us,” he said.

The Clippers are a confident group, Sarkonak said, but they will not take any other team lightly.

“Every game starts at 0-0 and it’s a half at a time and we make adjustments accordingly,” he said.

The other semifinal will see Rivers host Crocus Plains on Tuesday.

William Miner paced the boys with three tries, while Joseph Lopez had two. Damon Nepinak, Oliver Dandeneau and Guzman Garcia added singles and Garcia converted six of the tries.

Clippers coach Aaron Miner felt the Clippers played down to their opponent’s level.

“It was definitely not our best outing of the season. I know the score doesn’t reflect that, but in a game that could have been a learning experience turned out to be players missing their assignments, not running onto the ball,” he said.

“Just the little things that we’ve worked on for so long weren’t being executed, because we were able to get away with things against Souris. But we won’t be able to get away with them against teams like Crocus or St. Paul’s.”

Given that the Clippers beat Vincent Massey, 42-5, in the regular season, Miner likes his team’s chances in the semifinals.

“We need to execute those finer details and use this game to build on. Not saying that Massey is going to be a walkover, but they are a weaker team. They are the fourth ranked team and we are the first. So my goal is to use that game to lead into the finals on Saturday,” he said.

Souris will face Crocus Plains in the other semifinal.

Provincials will be held, June 2 and 3 in Winnipeg, hosted by the St. Paul’s Crusaders.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2023 08:10

Walk the Doc

Health professionals from the Swan Valley Primary Care Clinic visited Taylor School on Thursday (May 18) to educate students on healthy lifestyles before heading out for a loop around the Swan River Legion Park and back to the school to enjoy some watermelon...

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Tuesday, 23 May 2023 08:15

Local Bike Week activities planned

Bike Week is coming up June 5 to 11. The Dauphin Derailleurs Cycle Club is partnering with Dauphin Recreation Services and Northgate Trails to host several events in the city and at the Northgate Trails throughout the week to promote cycling in our community.

In order to enjoy your bike ride CAA Manitoba has some great information about safe cycling available on its website at

Below is a summary of some of the key points to keep in mind to safely share the road and have a trouble-free trail ride:
• It is the law that individuals under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet while cycling. (Everyone should wear a helmet – not just kids.)
• Wear bright colours and reflective clothing while cycling on roadways, and if you are cycling at night make sure you have a working headlight and a red taillight. It’s a great idea to have a flashing red taillight on at all times when you cycle on roadways.
• Cyclists share the road with motorists so be sure to use proper hand signals to indicate your direction.
• On trails, if you are coming up behind a pedestrian be sure to use verbal cues indicating which side you are passing them on and attach a bike bell or use a whistle to give a warning ring when approaching.
• On roadways, travel with traffic, near the edge of the curb and do not weave in and out of traffic.
• Obey traffic signals and lights.
• Ride single file when cycling with others.

Cycling is a great activity for the entire family.

The City of Dauphin is adding to its active transport system every year, so get out and ride.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2023 08:04

Countryfest offers grads a present

Dauphins Countryfest is offering high school seniors more than just a pat on the back for successfully wrapping up their secondary school careers.

Canada’s longest running country music festival, is offering graduates in Manitoba and Saskatchewan a free 730 CKDM Thursday Kick-Off Party pass to extend a heartfelt congratulations for their hard work and dedication.

Countryfest general manager Rob Woloschuk said festival organizers understand the importance of celebrating milestones. By providing complimentary access to the kick-off party, graduates can kick off their summer festivities in style while enjoying a fantastic lineup of live country music performances.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of graduates from Manitoba and Saskatchewan,” Woloschuk said. “As an organization committed to fostering community spirit and providing unforgettable entertainment experiences, we believe that offering free access to our Thursday kick-off party is a great way to honour their accomplishments. We invite graduates to join us and create lifelong memories at Dauphin’s Countryfest.”

If graduates wish to extend their experience beyond Thursday night, they have the option to upgrade to a weekend pass for $150, inclusive of all service charges and taxes, Woloschuk said, adding the offer is only available until June 1.

Dauphin’s Countryfest attracts thousands of music enthusiasts each year and promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

With a variety of food vendors, merchandise stalls, and lively entertainment, Woloschuk said Dauphin’s Countryfest has something for everyone.

For more information about or to access the form for the free Thursday kick-off party pass, visit, or call toll-free to 1-800-361-7300.

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Maamawi Park Phase 2 got a huge boost when the list of projects approved under the Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) program was released, last week.

The toboggan hill/recreational park development planned for the local Dauphin Recreation Services grounds received $300,000 as part of the $25 million set aside to to support 428 community development projects throughout the province.

“Locally developed projects are, by design, tailored to address their community’s specific, unique needs and opportunities,” said Municipal Relations Minister Andrew Smith. “Our government is pleased to continue supporting community-based projects that foster thriving, sustainable neighbourhoods and improve residents’ quality of life.”

The province’s 2023 budget maintained funding support to the Building Sustainable Communities Program for a total commitment of up to $25 million. This investment was doubled last year to increase support for community projects.

This investment included over $12 million for 368 local and regional initiatives and nearly $13 million for 60 larger-scale capital projects.

“The Building Sustainable Communities Grant has been integral to our process as they committed $300,000 to phase one of the project, which is the hill itself and now has just recently again committed $300,000 to phase two of the project, which will involve pathways, proper lighting and we’re looking at extending a beautiful grand entranceway,” said Stacey Penner, one of the driving forces behind the Maamawi Park project.

“So we’re very lucky that the Manitoba government has put forward this opportunity and we wouldn’t be as near as where we are without this granting opportunity.”

Penner said the funding has increased the options for the planning committee as what exactly is included as part of phase 2 will depend on available funds.

“Phase two right now is a little bit negotiable, like what we want to include. There will be a phase three and potentially a phase four. We have some other big granting opportunities out right now that we have our fingers crossed on, so there is no firm end of phase two and beginning of phase three,” Penner said. “Funds will continue to roll in and we will continue to plan accordingly.”

Other Dauphin projects receiving grants include:
• City of Dauphin - $25,000 for Watson Arts Centre repairs.
• Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club Inc. - $67,987 for construction of a storage facility.
• Dauphin and District Handivan Inc. - $71,394 for the purchase of a new handivan.
• Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation - $75,000 for Community Resource Center upgrades.
• Dauphin Recreation Services - $74,750 for iceplant upgrades.
• Dauphin’s Countryfest Inc. - $9,476 for upgrades at the Selo Ukraina festival site.

The BSC program was launched in 2019 to offer municipalities and non-profit organizations a new program that streamlined administrative processes and reduced red tape, the minister noted, adding that the program replaced seven programs that were restrictive, operated in silos and were administratively burdensome. Since 2019, the BSC program has committed over $82 million to support 1,745 community projects throughout Manitoba and leveraged $185 million in other funding sources.

The grant program supports planning activities, organizational capacity building projects, equipment costs, capital infrastructure and other local or regional initiatives that enhance the sustainability of communities.

Other area projects included in the announcement include:
• Gilbert Plains Country Club Inc. - $75,000 for golf course upgrades.
• Gilbert Plains Municipality - $176,200 for Gilbert Plains Recreation Complex upgrades.
• Grandview Kinsmen Club Inc. - $58,921 for Wilson Park upgrades.
• The Grandview Senior Drop In Centre - $25,756 for facility upgrades.
• Mallard Community Council - $5,593 for community hall upgrades.
• McCreary Golf and Country Club - $10,584 for clubhouse upgrades.
• Municipality of Lakeshore - $71,325 for Ochre River Hall upgrade.
• Municipality of McCreary - $15,143 for facilities renovations.
• Municipality of Mossey River - $43,754 for Winnipegosis Beach area renewal.
• Municipality of Mossey River - $44,814 for Winnipegosis Arena and Curling Rink upgrades.
• Ste. Rose Recreation Commission - $83,250 for phase two of the Turtle River Trail.

BSC projects can receive up to 50 per cent toward eligible costs. The maximum grant for projects in the regular stream is $75,000, while larger-scale capital projects can receive up to $300,000. Approved projects, with the exception of planning activities, are required to have a minimum of 10 per cent of funding from non-government sources.

“The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) greatly appreciates the collaborative partnership between our organization and the Manitoba government in assessing municipal project applications under the Building Sustainable Communities program,” said Kam Blight, AMM president. “Municipalities have identified numerous projects and initiatives that benefit local communities and contribute towards building a stronger Manitoba. Thus, this funding announcement is certainly timely and will help grow our province.”

The minister noted the BSC program intake includes valued feedback from AMM to ensure local and district priorities are addressed.

“The BSC program is making a remarkable difference in communities provincewide,” said Smith.

“From installing play structures to creating outdoor recreation spaces to renovating community centres, these projects make communities healthier, stronger and more competitive.”

The 2023-24 BSC program intake period closed on Jan. 23 with 655 applications received. The list of the 428 approved projects is posted at

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