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Monday, 20 March 2023 09:02

Family mortified by move to Shoal Lake

The family of a Roblin woman who worked tirelessly to raise funds for the hospital and personal care home is absolutely mortified that mom can’t get a room in Crocus Court. “We just can’t believe it,” said son-in-law John Titanich. “Especially after all that she’s done for this community.” Read…
Monday, 20 March 2023 09:03

Goodbye to Lenny

Retirement is something many look forward to, as a chance to do those things a person just doesn’t have time for when working full-time. Len Addis, his last day of work was March 11, has hung his hat up at the Roblin Liquor Mart after 30 years of service. Addis…
Monday, 20 March 2023 09:04

We're losing more to scammers

Consumers are chasing an enemy that stays one step ahead. As awareness and education of fraud prevention grows, so do the tricks fraudsters employ. As much as we’d like to think we’re too wise to fall prey to their lies, the numbers show us otherwise. The 2022 BBB Risk Report…
Sunday, 12 March 2023 11:56

Nurse offers new foot care service

Happy feet are healthy feet, and that’s something most people overlook until it’s too late. A new mobile foot care business has started in Roblin to help with that. Kristine Branconnier has opened Elite Feet Foot Care and is offering mobile foot care services in Roblin and area. Read the…
Sunday, 12 March 2023 11:57

GLH does well at Ethics Bowl

Chances are, if you’re like me you‘ve never heard of an “Ethics Bowl”. At a very basic level, it’s a debate-style competition with matches in which two teams come up with their best answers to ethical dilemmas and are then scored on the quality of their answer. A team from…
Sunday, 12 March 2023 11:58

MFF holds treaty meeting in Dauphin

The Northwest Métis Council hosted a consultation meeting with its citizens regarding the Red River Métis Self-government Recognition and Implementation Treaty, March 4 in Dauphin. The meeting gave Métis citizens a chance to add their input to the coming changes as a result of the Treaty, which was agreed to…
Sunday, 12 March 2023 11:59

Hefty fine for speeding in 50 k/ph zone

RMCPolice ticketed a driver for speeding on Highway 83 Wednesday afternnon. The driver was clocked going 184 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. Ticket issued was worth $495. Find out more in this week’s RCMP briefs.
Monday, 06 March 2023 09:02

MOR council sets indemnities

Council of the Municipality of Roblin passed three by-laws at its Feb. 28 regular meeting dealing with contracts to operate and manage the Roblin Waste Disposal Ground; for managing and caretaking the Community Centre; and providing for the remuneration of members of council and citizen appointees and volunteers. All three…
Monday, 06 March 2023 09:01

Tea a tribute to RDCF founder

Whenever one mentions the community of Roblin to someone you just meet, chances are they would ask you if you knew Dale Yeo. He was a man who greatly influenced many students that he taught over the years and inspired many great positive changes to take place in Roblin, which…
Sunday, 26 February 2023 11:30

High praise for students, staff

Roblin Fire & Rescue Chief Alf Brade had high praise for the students and staff of Roblin Elementary School. The school was forced to evacuate Thursday just before the noon hour because of a fire alarm. “They did everything right,” Brade said. “They didn’t waste any time, everybody got out…
Sunday, 26 February 2023 11:31

RES PAC seeks new members

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at Roblin Elementary School is looking for a few good women and men. “We have 10 members right now but we’re losing five come June so we need to recruit desperately,” said the council’s current and outgoing chair Mary Newton. Want to know more? Check…
Sunday, 26 February 2023 11:32

First time's the charm

Grandview resident Lindsey Morran, decided to take his chainsaw carving skills up to northern Manitoba last week to the Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival. This was Morran’s first time at the event and he competed in the log carving competition hosted by Brody’s No Frills. Read all about it in this…
Sunday, 26 February 2023 11:33

Illegal window tint can net a fine

Police pulled over a vehicle regarding illegal tint on windows. Warning issued. Parent later called the office to discuss the warning. Check out the facts in this week’s RCMP Report.
Sunday, 26 February 2023 11:34

Meet the champ

Since age three, Pacey Wall has relied on the Health Science Centre Children’s Hospital due to intestinal failure. Even after more than 30 surgeries and countless days in hospital, Pacey is a resilient child with a great attitude who greets everyone he meets with a smile and a wave –…
Friday, 17 February 2023 10:22

Leimhofer offers radon testing

Manitoba has historically had higher levels of radon than the national averages. Health Canada has estimated about seven per cent of Canadians are living in homes above the radon guidelines, while about 19 per cent of Manitobans are facing that same challenge. Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas found…
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