A night of unity, peace and understanding

Published on Tuesday, 12 April 2022 08:49

“Music is a medicine and a time machine. It can transport you back to a time when all was good. Even in the darkest minutes, hours and days, it heals. Sometimes when I play or listen to music I laugh or cry but regardless which, I always feel better after.” - Bob Christie.

The last two years have been a tough go - and so many people worldwide, are in need of togetherness, and a renewed sense of community.

That’s exactly what Bob Christie is looking to address with an event he’s planning at Binscarth’s Third Avenue Theatre on April 30th. Pre-Covid, he said, he and his daughter Kianna performed at a fundraiser for MS in Esterhazy with a line-up of other musicians.

“That’s really where the idea came from,” Bob said. “It was so well received and I really wanted to do something similar here.”

But then, along came Covid and everything with it.

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