One dram-atic weekend of fun

Published on Tuesday, 10 January 2023 06:43

It was one of those things that quite possibly was just meant to be. Because everything just fell perfectly into place.

Richard and Myrtle Croswaite had been back home for a wedding in the U.K. In the Isle of Mull to be exact.

“I told Daymon about this wonderful entertainer Davy Holt who had been at the wedding - he really got the crowd going - and Daymon, being Daymon said “Get him over,” Myrtle said. As it happens, the friends who were hosting the wedding of their son, Graham and Alison Brown also work at Tobermory Distillery and are scotch whiskey experts. So the dye was cast..... And Pat MacIsaac - who calls himself the ‘Marketing Dude’ from the Russell Inn and Myrtle - who is the Customer Service Manager set to work planning a lovely weekend of something a little unique for people from the prairies.

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