Fundraising lottery hits a million dollar milestone

Published on Tuesday, 24 January 2023 06:18

Thinking back, it’s hard to believe that the Take A Year Off Lottery has been around for going-on twenty years.

Back then, the idea of community fundraising draws offering the top payout of large weekly prizes of $52,000 paid in weekly $1,000 installments, was a fairly novel idea. It was one that caught on quickly, as now similarly styled lotteries are common place and, thanks to an awful lot of community participation and countless volunteers selling tickets and manning the phone centers when the draw date got closer, the popularity of the draw has never waned much.

The goal, Chris Radford said was always to help volunteer driven organizations with their operating costs. And this year, the committee hit a huge milestone as they exceeded one million dollars given to help our various organizations throughout this municipality since 2004.

It’s broken down like this:
Russell Swimming Pool - $274,908.00
Russell Memorial Multiplex -$289,908.00
George P. Buleziuk Centre - $259,908.00
Russell Golf Course - $35,025.43
Russell Curling Rink - $6,380.00
Field of Dreams - $66,745.43
Playground - $8,000.00
Russell & District Library - $38,745.43
Russell Flying Club - $17,850.00
Russell Lots-A-Tots - $56,050.00
Binscarth Park& Pool - $20,000.00
Binscarth Lil Bloomer Learning Patch - $16,800.00
For a total of $1,090,320.29.

More details can be found in this week's Russell Banner!

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