Looking to correct the whitewashing of our local history

Published on Tuesday, 07 March 2023 07:18

By the 1970’s parts of the rest of Canada were beginning to wake up to the true facts about our Canadian history and the involvement of many of our descendants in the killing of Metis involved in the North-West Resistance.

Meanwhile, in 1974 in Russell, we were still erecting plaques in honor of Major Charles Boulton. Historian Tyla Betke who is a PHD candidate and an instructor in History at the Carleton University in Ottawa was more than a little shocked when she found that the long held stories of the heroics of Major Charles Boulton that she’d grown up with here in Russell, were not entirely true.

Despite the fact that this particular issue is not the subject of her doctorate, the more she learned about the untruths in the story our monuments and our verbal history have told, the more Tyla Betke was drawn to bring the real history of the founder of our town to a public forum.

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