The best Binscarth casino ever

Published on Tuesday, 02 May 2023 07:11

It’s always fun. But this one was the best casino night in Binscarth - ever!

“It was the the most successful casino night we’ve ever put on,” Nolan Bradshaw who chairs the Park and Pool committee said.

Once all the bills were paid, just slightly under $14,000 was raised. “Its going to go a long way to help fund the new washroom and shower facilities that we’re doing as the first portion of our three year plan.” The first phase of the Binscarth Park and Pool committee’s is to construct a 4 Unit Campground washroom/Shower facility with the build to start at the end of April 2023. It will include a wheelchair accessible washroom/shower unit, along with three individual washroom/shower units and a mechanical room. This facility will be located in the middle of the campground for easy access for campers and tenters. A cement pad and septic holding tank will be installed prior to the start of the new building construction. The Binscarth Park & Pool was the Centennial Project for Binscarth and area in 1967. Since that time, it has undergone many changes, upgrades, and enhancements to make it the viable, busy hub that it is today. 

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