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Published on Tuesday, 09 May 2023 09:41

In these parts, having your name up on the Wall of Fame at Major Pratt school is a pretty big deal....

There’s no less than three Olympic medalists on there - and one medalist from the Pan Am games.

There’s a fighter pilot, a novelist and a publisher, a championship golfer, a world class horseman, an umpire, and an auctioneer and a couple of local brothers who were the talk of the town when they were down in the states playing university hockey. The idea of recognizing the lifetime achievements came from long-time educator Eldon Montgomery who taught here for years and acted as vice principal as well.

As fate would have it, years after Eldon came up with the idea of the Wall of Fame, his son, Jon Montgomery would grace the display after winning the gold medal in mens skeleton in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver after defeating the heavily favored Martin Dukurs of Latvia by just 0.07 seconds.

Now, there’s a guy from Binscarth whose making a name for himself in Canadian country music with home-grown singles lingering on the Indie Country charts for months.

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