Diamond art: A cut above the rest

Published on Tuesday, 28 May 2024 08:21

There is a newer form of art that has gained a lot of popularity lately and is becoming a favourite pastime for some art enthusiasts in the Valley.  Diamond art, also known as crystal art, is the process of creating a picture using tiny resin rhinestones that resemble diamonds, on a pre-printed design or photo, resulting in a mosaic-looking piece of art.
Valley resident Ron Legall has become a diamond art enthusiast and enjoys this new hobby that allows him to create some stunning works of art.  When Legall first tried diamond art, he didn’t have the patience, but after recovering from an injury, he tried it again and fell in love with it.
“I started a while back, but I wasn’t interested in it then,” said Legall.  “I was trying to do them too fast.  Then I broke my arm last year on Valentine’s Day, and my sister bought me a bunch of different ones to do to keep me busy while I was healing.  It was then that I learned to take my time and how to do diamond art the right way.  I had to slow down and take my time with them; you just can’t rush yourself to finish them.”
Legall was fortunate to have a local business help foster his interest in diamond art by helping him choose pieces to work on.  He has completed a few pieces that include some gnomes and wolves.
“The Swan River Dollar and Gift Store is getting more diamond art pieces in June,” said Legall.  “There are some other wolf ones and a few other ones I’m kind of interested in.  I get all my diamond art projects there and they are very helpful when it comes to assisting me in picking out some.  They will order them in for me and have offered to let me look at their ordering books for diamond art and I could pick whatever ones I wanted them to order in for me.
“The lady at the Swan River Dollar and Gift Store has been a big help.  When I finished the one of the wolf, she said it was very beautifully done and that the lion one would be too when it’s finished, since both of those pieces have a lot of detail to them.
“I have plans to do a few more,” said Legall.  “I just bought a turtle, owl, and a lion one.  I’m saving the lion one for in the winter because there is a lot more work to that one and it will take me quite a bit of time to get it done.”
When it comes to deciding which diamond art piece is his favourite that he completed, Legall is undecided.  He likes the more challenging pieces, especially the ones that are up close of animals, for there is a lot more detail to those diamond art projects.
“There was another wolf diamond art that I did that is different from the one on display at the library and I sold it,” said Legall.  “I think my favourite one will be the lion when I am done with it.  I’m really looking forward to working on it and seeing what it looks like when it’s finished.  I also like the wolf one that is on display at the library right now.
“Now when I’m looking for a diamond art project, I like to pick the harder ones that have more detail to them.  Most of the difficult ones are of animals.”
Although diamond art can be intricate and detailed, Legall still finds it a very relaxing and good way to pass the time.  He can’t stress enough that to have a diamond art project turn out, a person has to take their time and concentrate on what they are doing.
“I find it very relaxing to do diamond art and it helps me unwind,” said Legall.  “It also helps to pass the time.
“It takes me about a month to do one of the detailed ones, like the wolf.  I had to take my time with it so it would turn out.  For some people, it may only take them a week to do it, but I still work my job and work on these in the evening or on weekends during my spare time.  I try to work on them for an hour or two each night.
“When people ask me about doing diamond art, I tell them don’t rush yourself,” said Legall.  “I also suggest that they start by doing small ones first, before trying the bigger ones.  Those diamond pieces are so small, so you have to slow down and take your time with it.”
Legall has his diamond art projects on display at the North-West Regional Library.  He feels a sense of pride and accomplishment from his efforts with diamond art and hopes to inspire more people to try it.
“This is the first time I have had my diamond art projects on display at the library,” said Legall.  “One of my bosses at the Swan Valley Co-op talked to me about doing this, so I went to the library and talked to them.  They agreed to put my diamond art up on display.  It will be there for about a month.
“I have heard lots of compliments so far about my diamond art, even on Facebook.  The wolf seems to be the one everyone likes the most. 
“I think there are lots of people in the Valley doing diamond art already, but maybe my story will encourage more people to try it out,” said Legall.  “The staff at the Swan River Dollar and Gift Store have told me that lots of people go there to buy diamond art kits, so there must be a fair bit of interest in them.”

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