Beach residents cleaning up after high winds

Published on Tuesday, 07 June 2022 07:06

Residents at Ochre Beach and Crescent Cove experienced more flooding recently as a result of high winds and rising water levels on Lake Dauphin.

As of June 5, the water level was at 859.6-feet, above the 858-foot flood stage level.

Some residents have begun cleaning up, while others have yet to begin as they wait for the water to go down.

Houses along Crescent Cove were surrounded by water on all sides. The water has since receded enough for residents to begin the difficult task of cleaning up.

Like many beachfront residents, Malcolm Strang had his property protected by super sandbags, but they were flattened by wave action when wind pushed water over top of them.

“They’re now buried in the sand and we’re just going to building up behind them and on top of them for something else for the waves to wash up against and, hopefully, prevent further damage,” he said.

Strang was fortunate in that he did not have much damage done to his property other than to the beach itself.

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