Fair organizers could not be more pleased with 2022 edition

Published on Tuesday, 05 July 2022 07:41

Organizers of the Dauphin Agricultural Society’s (DAS) Fair and Exhibition could not have asked for a better return after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

DAS president Teren Stykalo said it was a fantastic weekend with a lot of people hitting the fair grounds to check out everything the fair had to offer.

“We just finished up our demo derby. We had a great success with that. The fireworks on Friday night were amazing. The midway has been great to work with. The people walking through there have been unbelievable. The kids zone in Credit Union Place, home living, everything has been littered with people. It’s great to see it back in the community,” he said.

DAS could not be happier with the crowds that attended the three-day event. The midway was packed full of people on Friday with lineups 20 deep or more. Stykalo hopes that bodes well for future fairs.

“We hope that continues in the next fairs. But we can’t thank everybody in the community enough for making this one of the most successful fairs we’ve had yet,” he said. “I talked to the midway owners on Friday night and they said it’s been a long time coming since they’ve seen lines like that at their rides. So everybody involved was pretty happy.”

One tradition that did not take place this year, one that organizers and patrons alike are thankful for, is rain. It seems like it usually rains at least one of the three days of the fair every year, but that wasn’t the case this year, which played a large part of the fair’s success.

“We were joking around the other night and we were saying that no president in history has probably had a three-day non-rain event. So this might go down in history as one of the best ones we’ve had yet. So I couldn’t be happier for it to come in my time as president,” Stykalo said.

Organizers will look at hosting more events at the grandstand in the future.

“Those facilities are amazing. The amount of people that they always draw in is fantastic and we need to try and utilize those. So we’re looking at doing a couple more shows there potentially and bring some different entertainment in, as well to just kind of make it an all-around great weekend once again,” Stykalo said.

The success of the fair’s return would not be possible without the support of the many sponsors and volunteers who stepped up as they always do every year.

“Without those people, we would not be able to have any of this. Once again, thank you to all of our sponsors and all of our volunteers,” he said. “The amount of volunteers that we had come forward has been just unbelievable. We can’t thank them enough. We just hope everybody is able to come back and support us again next year.”

Stykalo also wishes to thank the local media for their coverage and support of this year’s fair.

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