Local council celebrates 50 years of promoting and supporting the arts

Published on Tuesday, 08 November 2022 07:56

The Dauphin and District Allied Arts Council (DDAAC) celebrated its milestone 50th anniversary with an afternoon event, Sunday at the Watson Arts Centre.

The event included exhibits and guest speakers talking about what the DDAAC means to them.

DDAAC chairperson Adrienne Luke said planning for the event began a few months ago.

“And it just sort of came to be. We’ve got a few great volunteers. We had information from the 45th celebration and we just embellished on it,” she said.

Lasting for 50 years, Luke said, is a win for the organization.

“I think it’s very positive. Our mission statement is to foster the arts in the Parkland and surrounding area and I think we’re accomplishing that. And all I can hope for is that we continue on for another 50 years,” she said.

DDAAC works with different groups and partners who operate within the Watson Arts Centre.

“We work with the community. We work with partnering with other entities in the community and rural area. We try to partner with as many people as we can,” Luke stated. “This facility is for the people. It’s for the people of Dauphin, for the surrounding area. If you have a talent, if you paint, if you do pottery, if you quilt, if you sing, play an instrument, have a band, you talk to the centre’s co-ordinator Peter (Nadolny) and we will try to work with you and get a room for you and have an evening for you. So we’re here to promote you, the public.”

Given the weather on Sunday, Luke was pleased with the turnout for the event.

“The turnout is impressive,” she said.

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