Local contractor a big part of Ruttan Mine rehabilitation project

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2022 07:41

As part of this year’s budget, the provincial government invested an additional $50.7 million to further accelerate clean up of orphaned and abandoned mines at select sites across the province, while creating a new long-term care, maintenance and surveillance program for remediated sites.

Through the Orphaned and Abandoned Mine Rehabilitation Program, the province has partnered with local companies to create green jobs, accelerate remediation activities and improve economic opportunities in Manitoba through construction, consulting and labour contracts.

And Strilkiwski Contracting of Dauphin has helped in the effort through completing clay capping on the tailings management areas as part of the Ruttan Mine Remediation project. The work will keep nearby surface water from requiring water treatment.

Capped with clay, covered with peat and seeded to promote vegetation, grass has sprouted and the area is starting to green up.

Started in July 2020 and completed this past July, the scope of the project was substantial with more than 130 people completing more than 174,000 hours of work. That work involved hauling approximately 2,500,000 cubic metres of tailings, rock, clay, and peat.

With the shoreline and erosion protection work complete along Ruttan Lake, only clean water from the environment will be draining into the lake, improving water quality.

The rock fill erosion protection in the Tailing Management Areas will aid in protecting the clay cap, preventing damage from runoff during the spring melt and heavy rainstorms.

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