Trotz discusses decisions about 2022-23 NHL season Featured

Published on Tuesday, 26 July 2022 07:24

He’s been without a job since early May, but Dauphin’s Barry Trotz has had a busy summer.

After losing his job as head coach of the New York Islanders, May 9, Trotz talked with several National Hockey League teams about their coaching positions, but in the end, he made the difficult decision to take a year off for personal reasons.

The situation with the Islanders did come as a bit of a surprise, but Trotz also kind of expected it.

The season, he said, was a bizarre one, which saw the Isles miss the playoffs after reaching the conference finals each of the two previous seasons.

“Lou (Lamoriello, Islanders general manager) has a really good pulse for what he wants with the team,” Trotz said, adding he left on good terms with Lamoriello, who he still talks with once a week. “There’s nothing personal. I think there’s a number of reasons. I can’t give you exact reasons, but we didn’t make the playoffs. We weren’t good enough and he felt maybe just to jar it up."

“I also know this, that Lane Lambert (Trotz’s replacement and former assistant coach) is a hell of a coach and he was going to get some play. And if (Lamoriello) was going to make a play, I’m glad he put Lane there.”

Lamoriello, Trotz said, liked a lot of things he and his staff were doing and if not for the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Islanders may very well have won the Stanley Cup.

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