Yardfringe anniversary highlights Culture Days 2022

Published on Tuesday, 20 September 2022 06:44

By M.A. Nyquist
For the Herald

The Dauphin’s Culture Days (DCD) committee kicked off its celebration of the 10th anniversary of Dauphin’s Yardfringe and another year of Culture Days activities, with a creative presentation to city council, Sept. 12.

Dauphin’s Yardfringe turns community yards into venues for the arts, where participants travel around by bicycle to actively celebrate culture in unexpected and obvious areas of the community.

Committee member Jean-Louis Guillas noted the group is quite excited about the milestone, adding it has been over a decade the community has participated in the national arts and culture event.

“We are really proud of coming up with a genuinely grassroots festival and celebration of local culture and talent,” he said.

Using a pechakucha format of 20 images of Dauphin’s Yardfringe each projected for only 20 seconds, the presentation celebrated the many people who have been involved over the years, ranging from dance groups, and artists, to community groups and members of the Watson Art Centre (WAC), Dauphin Public Library (DPL) and Fort Dauphin Museum.

“It really was a great chance to celebrate the number of people involved with our organizing committee,” Guillas said.

While all members of council congratulated the committee for the work it has done highlighting art and culture in the community, councillor Kathy Bellemare noted it has a broader role.

“Art goes a long way to uniting people and bringing joy,” she said.

Guillas reminded council Dauphin’s Culture Days 2022 will begin with Yardfest, Sept. 24.

Described as a moving musical adventure where participants are invited to once again travel by bicycle, Yardfest begins at 7 MacLeod Ave. W for some smooth jazz by Johnathon Pacey and friends at 4 p.m. A cycle to 311 Wellington Crescent at 5:15 p.m. that same evening will offer The Fret Shredders with Gary Procyshyn and Chris Flett.

Inspired by Dauphin’s Yardfringe, the event is designed for cycling the city to enjoy musical talent in a casual venue.

“We go around to backyards and meet culture where it lives,” Guillas explained, inviting people to pay a suggested $5 per concert.

The music does not stop that evening, he added, as the WAC is hosting a tribute concert of George Harrison’s music by the Route 10 Collective, at 7 p.m.

This is the first time the Route 10 Collective has made it up to Dauphin, Guillas noted, pointing out the group has been offering great tribute shows in Onanole for a decade, featuring many different artists from the area. Two locally connected musicians, Marc Clement and Bill Acevedo, known as The Handsome Fatties, will be part of the show.

“It’s nice to have local boys featured in the Collective. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to hear great music. They had nearly sold out shows for three nights in Onanole and are also going to Brandon. For the first time, they’re bringing the show to Dauphin and people should absolutely catch that, because there’s amazing musicianship. And it’s a really, really good show. I saw it earlier this summer,” he said, noting the tribute to Harrison will feature some Beatles music, Harrison’s solo work and music he did with British-American supergroup The Traveling Wilburys. Tickets are $30 each and are available at the WAC.

This is the second year of Yardfest with musicians who have been active in the community in leading, or encouraging other artists.

“And we wanted to give them a feature for that and also just remind people that Yardfest leads into Yardfringe the next day, which is our signature event. People love the surprise of Yardfringe that brings some kind of new activity each year,” Guillas said.

Part of the enjoyment of Yardfringe, he noted, is to join the bike cavalcade, discover new and creative activities or events in the community, with a fun group of people. This year the cyclists will not be divided into two groups and will move together as one group.

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