Jaddock ready for his new role as MVSD superintendent/CEO

Published on Tuesday, 07 June 2022 07:10

Stephen Jaddock is preparing to step into the role of Mountain View School Division superintendent/CEO.

The current assistant superintendent has been hired to take over from Dan Ward when he leaves the division at the end of the month.

“I’ve been three years in the assistant superintendent role, and, of course, came to that position from the ranks of being a teacher and a principal and vice-principal within the division,” Jaddock said, adding he enjoys his role in administration. “It’s the ability to make decisions that influence education and influence what happens with students and with teachers and staff involved in the system. It just gives you a little bit of a role in that.”

Born in Brandon, Jaddock came to Dauphin via Edmonton.

“Of course my dad was born in Dauphin and we’d visit my baba here. I knew where Dauphin was on the map and I spent some good times here,” he said.

Jaddock started with MVSD in the 1993-94 school year as a Ukrainian language and Chemistry teacher at Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School.

“I had sent sort of an application package just blindly to every school division that had an English/Ukrainian bilingual program,” he said, adding it was the year Grade 9s were leaving Mackenzie Middle School for the DRCSS and a Ukrainian instructor was needed. “I got called for an interview and the rest is history.”

After three years teaching at the DRCSS, Jaddock moved to Smith-Jackson School where he taught for another four years before moving into the principal’s chair for a nine-year stint following which he moved back to the DRCSS as a vice-principal.

“My first year at the DRCSS they had an adult learning center, so I was also the director of the adult learning center. I just finished a master’s degree, so that was something that they were looking at having somebody look after,” he said, adding the program moved out of the school after the first year. “So then I did almost two years as a dual credits facilitator for the school division, working on getting high school students some college courses and university courses while still in Grade 12.”

And Jaddock is looking forward to putting everything he has learned throughout his career into action as superintendent.

“I’m just humbled and honoured to serve and I feel that all of the different positions that I’ve been able to have throughout my career will help me in that role as superintendent,” he said. “Right now the big thing is after coming out of COVID, learning and the mental health of students and staff is first and foremost. And making sure that we get on that firm foundation of where we want to move.”

Jaddock added the division has not been able to complete any “robust” planning in the last number of years.

“Looking at where do we want to be in the next five years or three to five years. We’ve just been able to do one-year plans the last couple of years, so what we’re looking forward to is being able to do a little bit more of the long-term planning,” he said. “Our minds were just in survival mode throughout the pandemic. When we were in the throes of the pandemic, we were just worried about one day at a time and we weren’t doing a whole lot of future thinking.”

Jaddock added the job will be made easier thanks to the firm footing Ward has put the division on and the talented staff at the division office.

“The great thing about Mountain View School Division is that there’s an excellent team in place at the division office and with all of our administrators and staff to work with students and to help them along the way,” he said.

Jaddock’s replacement in the assistant superintendent’s role will be announced soon.

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