Local artist is one of four featured in Woodland style exhibition in Toronto

Published on Tuesday, 20 September 2022 06:31

Local Indigenous artist Patrick Paul is working his way to showcasing his Woodland art in Toronto and the end of the month.

Paul has been presented with the opportunity to display his work alongside other Woodland artists.

“The name of the art show is Tisiget and it means a person who changes the colour of it,” Paul said. “It opens on Sept. 30 in honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day in the Canary District of Toronto. It’s going to be featuring artists Thomas Sinclair, Autumn Smith, Bree Island and myself. The show is featuring a collection of Woodland artists.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for all of us to get out there and display our art and stories. A lot of us like to keep our stories authentic to the Woodland and Ojibwa culture that we paint.”

Tisiget was created by two other Indigenous artists who felt that putting on an art show during National Truth and Reconciliation Day was an excellent opportunity to put emphasis on Indigenous art work. The trip to Toronto is one Paul hopes he is able to make before the show ends.

“Thomas Sinclair and Autumn Smith are the curators for this show and they are putting it together themselves,” Paul said. “They invited me to be a part of it, because they loved the authentic values I keep in my Woodland art. I’ve never been part of an art show before, so this is an incredible opportunity. I just hope I’m able to make it out to Toronto, because I don’t have the funds yet to get there. The show runs until Oct. 10, so I’m hoping to get out there before it wraps up.”

Paul is excited to have his artwork tell a story and to share that with people.

“I think the most important part about my art being out there is to spread awareness of Indigenous culture and art,” he said. “The telling of Anishinaabe stories is a big part of this and sharing our culture with others. I like to keep my art rooted to those stories and the ancient art pictographs. Just being able to share our art and stories is the most important part of all.”

Paul has been working on some new material for the show and just finished a painting that means a lot to him. He also will be incorporating some of his earlier works and hopes to create a few more before the end of the week.

“I just finished painting one that I called the Spiritual Balance of the Sacred Sturgeon Woman,” Paul said. “It’s a 36 x 60 acrylic painting on unstretched canvas. It has a snake with the woman travelling on a sacred sturgeon with some turtles in the background. It’s a very important piece to me and it’s one of the brightest ones I’ve finished. I’m hoping to do one of a dancer for the art show, as well. A couple more recent ones I’ve done, too, will be included. The art display at the show will be readily available for people to purchase.”


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