City council holds inaugural meeting

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2022 07:35

Dauphin’s new city council held its inaugural meeting, Nov. 6, after those successful in the recent municipal election took their oaths of office.

Forming council are mayor David Bosiak and councillors Kathy Bellemare, Randy Daley, Christian Laughland, Ted Rea, Devin Shtykalo and Steve Sobering.


Under provisions of the Manitoba Municipal Act and the city’s organizational bylaw, council elected Laughland to serve as deputy-mayor. Laughland took on the role of mayor for the remainder of the last term following the death of Allen Dowhan in September 2021, but decided to step down and run for a council seat this past October.

Youth councillor

Under provisions of the Municipal Act, council appointed Emma Fox as a youth member on council, effective immediately to the end of June 2023. A youth member must be less than 18 years of age or enrolled as a full-time student in school and can participate in council’s deliberations, but is not counted for the purpose of determining a quorum or deciding a vote of council.

Signing authority

Council voted to assign city signing authority to Bosiak, Bellemare and Laughland as council representatives along with city manager Sharla Griffiths, deputy city manager Lisa Gaudet and director of Finance Scott Carr.


Council passed a motion acknowledging the “efforts of its predecessors to establish and grow Dauphin into the thriving city it is today”, and commending “the local community groups and organizations that, through the hard work of their staff and volunteers, accomplish great things.” The motion also committed councillors to, “working with each other, municipal staff, the community and all other stakeholders to build upon the foundation of past successes to create a bright and prosperous future for Dauphin and the Parkland.”

Councillor privileges

The meeting closed with each councillor taking a few minutes to express their thanks for those who supported through the campaign and at the ballot box.

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