Monthly RCMP stats show downward trend

Published on Tuesday, 03 January 2023 07:55

The Manitoba RCMP West District, which includes the City and Rural Municipality of Dauphin, reported a decrease in calls for service in November compared to the same time period last year.

Calls for police assistance in the district dropped from 5,002 in 2021 to 4,821 this past November, a decrease of eight per cent.

The results were part of a provincewide trend which saw calls in the East District drop 11 per cent from 6,615 to 7,048 and the North District report a nine per cent drop from 6,389 to 5,862 calls for service.

Overall, the Districts’ occurrence counts combined decreased by 10 per cent from 15,651 in 2021 to 14,153 in 2022.

During November 2022, West District reported an increase in crimes against a person, which was up by 16 per cent, while crimes against property decreased by 17 per cent, over the same period in 2021.

The following increases and decreases were highlighted in the statistics released, last week.

Common police activities - Overall, there was a decrease of 11 per cent from 544 occurrences in 2021 to 486 in 2022. The largest decrease occurred in people reported missing, which was down by 42 per cent from 81 reports to 47. That was followed by suspicious person, vehicle or property which dropped by 24 per cent from 193 calls in 2021 to 147 in 2022. The largest increase was in the wellbeing check subcategory, which was up by 29 per cent from 84 to 108, and breach of peace, which increased 13 per cent from 106 to 120.

Crimes against a person - Crimes against a person increased overall by 16 per cent from 270 calls in 2021 to 312 in 2022, with increases occurring in forcible confinement which was up 200 per cent from three to nine. Robbery, extortion, harassment and threats reports were up 20 per cent from 76 to 91 and sexual offences were up 18 per cent from 22 to 26.

Crimes against property - Crimes against property decreased 17 per cent overall, from 708 calls for service in 2021 compared to 588 this year, with notable decreases in break and enter which was down by 35 per cent from109 to 71, followed by arson which was down by 31 per cent from 13 to 9. Theft over $5000 increased minimally by eight per cent from 48 to 52 occurrences.

Drug enforcement - There was a 10 per cent increase overall in drug enforcement from 30 occurrences in 2021 compared to 33 this year, with possession up 100 per cent from five to 10. Trafficking was down by 25 per cent from 20 to 15.

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