Provincial hosts

Published on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 07:52

The Dauphin Aspen Insurance U13 Gold team, in action against Rivers, hosted provincials, this past weekend.

After recording a 3-3 tie with Rivers and a 4-1 win over Mitchell in the round-robin, the local hosts were eliminated from the tournament with a 5-4 loss to Rivers.

St. Claude won the gold medal with a 6-0 win over Rat River, while Swan Valley scored a 9-6 win over Rivers to win the bronze medal.

The Dauphin Fusion Credit Union U13 Silver team won bronze at their provincials in St. Adolphe.

After losing their opening game to Morden, 3-2, Dauphin rebounded to beat Stonewall, 5-2.

In the quarterfinals, Dauphin defeated Morden 5-3, then lost to Virden, 8-5 in the semifinals. The bronze medal game saw Dauphin beat Springfield, 7-4.

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