The Pas Girl Guides hold their annual wind-up Featured

Published on Tuesday, 14 June 2022 11:31

The Pas Girl Guides held their annual Girl Guides Wind-up and Advancement Ceremony at the end of May, with three dozen girls drawing to a conclusion a year that began in a pandemic and ended with the start of a return to normalcy.
The girls were honored for advancing into the next level of guiding, while a few others were recognized for other achievements during the in-person event; a welcomed sight after two years of not being able to gather and celebrate their achievements.
Thirty-six girls were enrolled in Girl Guides this year, along with a dozen guiders. Ranging in ages from five to 13, there were nine girls in Sparks, 11 in Brownies and 16 between the Guides and Pathfinders. Rangers, which is for the oldest girls aged 14 and up, did not have any participation this year, according to Guider Kerry Midford.

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