Take a walk on the boardwalk with Opasquia Trails

Published on Wednesday, 08 March 2023 09:59

A big portion of the Opasquia Trails project has been in the works and it’s got lots of people excited for the finished product. The boardwalk component of the trail has been laid out over the ice and now the Opasquia Trails Board is putting all the pieces of the trail together.
“We’re really excited about this newest development for the Opasquia Trails,” said Opasquia Trails Board Member Alan McLauchlan. “Our contractor, Dave Uffleman, has been busy all week installing the boardwalk pieces over top the ice. People can now see where the boardwalk is going to go and can visualize how things are going to look.
“I recently had someone tell me they are excited to take photos from the boardwalk once it’s completed. This is going to allow people to see the lake from a different angle and I think that’s really important.”

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