Three generations share love of dog sled racing

Published on Wednesday, 08 March 2023 10:08

A family bond is much more than just a DNA match; it can be about having similar passions, talents, and interests. This is the case for the Stevenson family. Norm Stevenson has been racing dogs for many years and got into mushing from other members of his family.
“I got my own dogs in 1972, but was on a dogsled before that even,” said Norm Stevenson. “I got into dogsledding from my Uncle Jack and cousin Bob McPhail. They had dogs also.
“I then learned to become a musher by trial and error, and from both of them.”
A musher usually has a close bond with their dogs and it’s that connection that makes dog sled racing so enjoyable. It’s a sport that usually requires a true love of the dogs and the outdoors.

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