Creating a snarky work of art one plate at a time

Published on Wednesday, 17 May 2023 09:45

For many, being snarky or witty seems to be an art form that is most commonly spotted in memes on the Internet. A meme can be described as an amusing or interesting item that consists of a captioned picture with a witty or crude saying that is spread widely online especially through social media.
The Pas resident, Emma Halpin, has taken a twist and created a new art form in which she takes old decorative ceramic plates that have photos on them and creates snarky captions to put on them. This created a new venture for her, which she calls SnarkArt Ceramix.
“SnarkArt Ceramix was born after my mother was given a decorative ceramic plate with white beads on it at a craft swap in November 2022,”said SnarkArt Ceramix Creator Emma Halpin. “She gave it to me and I thought I could totally do this.”

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