Forty years of dedicated service honoured

Published on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 12:43

For the past 40 years, Ken Gurba has been making a difference in the area of emergency services and on June 9th he was formally recognized for his years of dedication. Gurba is the Manitoba Chairman of Emergency Medical Services Awards Committee, working to ensure that EMS professionals are recognized for their dedication to the profession. After forty years of services himself Gurba was also recognized.
In a ceremony held at Canadian Human Right Museum, Gurba was presented a 40 year double bar. Gurba joined 35 other dedicated EMS personnel receiving awards ranging from 20 years to the 40 year mark. The Exemplary Service Medal recognizes professionals dedicated to preserving Canada’s Public Safety through long and outstanding service. It is part of the Canadian Honors System, administered by the Chancellery, a branch of the Office of the Governor General.
The EMS medal is the newest member of the Exemplary Service Medal Family. Governor General Romeo Leblanc created the EMS medal in1994 and to date over five thousand Paramedics have received this Honor in Canada, including 260 Manitoba Paramedics.

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