Chase the Ace win a surreal experience for winner

Published on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 14:22

The excitement of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 19’s Chase the Ace has come to end with Monica Ross taking home almost a quarter of a million dollars. Ross’ ticket was pulled and because it was the last card in the 54 card deck this round, she was a guaranteed winner. Despite not having to “guess” where the ace was, a smiling Ross nevertheless placed the free drink chip on the face down ace, more as a matter of ceremony than requirment.
“Before I even went up, I had like five other peoples (tickets) that each had sent me $20. I wrote their names, took the pictures, here’s your tickets, wrote my name on mine and when they called the number, I looked and I could see I think its in this one. Then I showed someone at my table is this the number they called, they were like ya that’s it,” Ross explained.

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