Potash Mine announced for Russell area Featured

Published on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 09:12

“It’s fifteen years in the development. It’s the right time, the right economic model and we’re looking forward to sharing the profits and spending the profits on regional development.” Daymon Guillas, president of Potash and Agri-Development Corporation of Manitoba (PADCOM). 

Potash deposits don't respect provincial boundaries, so there was little question that there would be potash around here somewhere. Thus, it wasn’t a really big surprise that a mineral rich deposit lays near Harrowby - just a couple of miles inside the Saskatchewan border.

The issue of potash development is one that’s been around this area for decades. Over the years, the question quite often was more about ‘when or if’ the province would take steps to develop the industry here. 


You can find the whole story in the June 21st edition of The Russell Banner! 

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