Cadieux apologizes, agrees to rescind motion

Published on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 07:55

The council of Russell Binscarth met on Aug 25th in council chambers in Russell for their second regular meeting of the month.

This meeting drew 29 spectators to the chambers and the lobby of the buildng.

While Councillor Baseley brought a number of questions to the floor the highlight - which will be dealt with later in this acticle, were the delgegation to council brought forward by Mrs. Jamie Bradshaw, as printed on page 2.

Councillor Cadieux also fulfilled a promise made at the last meeting after Len Derkach brought an issue to floor with a delegation pertaining to a resolution brought forward by Councillor Cadieux that banned Mr. Len Derkach and Mr. Nick Foisy from running in the upcoming election. (See coverage of this meeting and Derkach’s delegation in Aug. 16th issue of The Russell Banner.)

Read more details in this week's Russell Banner!

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