Chase the Ace finally goes Featured

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2022 10:09

Week after week, the Chase the Ace lottery has been the talk of the town. The talk changed to cheers as Marilyn Lee took home the jackpot of $17,140 after her name was drawn and the number she’d picked matched the envelope containing the Ace of Spades.

With almost a year since the lottery started this time, it’s been a bit of a long haul and the lines showed it. As the jackpot piled up, week after week, the lines at Twin Valley Co-op Gas Bar grew as people started to line up before 7 am every Monday morning for a chance at the tickets that went on sale at noon. On the Friday night of the draw, people started lining up at noon outside the bar doors at the Asessippi Inn to get in on the 30 tickets reserved for pre-sale there. But it wasn’t always that way, as Chad Preston, one of the event organizers pointed out.

“When we first started with the presale format, there were weeks when we were lucky to see 20 tickets sold, so that’s why we initially went with the 200 tickets,” he said. But that’s all changing now. “We’re reworking the rules and the licensing so we’ll now have unlimited tickets so the long lines will be a thing of the past.” As that might take a while, Preston is thinking that it’s possible the game won’t resume until early in the new year. But that remains to be seen - as does the location of ticket sales at this point. There will also be a few changes in terms of benefactors of the draw.

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