Times editor excited to continue to work with tri-community

Published on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 11:55

By now I’m sure we at the Opasquia Times have thrown some of our readers and people we interview for a real loop. Not since Bill Bannock’s column have we had so much confusion as to who is who in the newsroom. Many of you may have picked up on the difference in last names that appear at the end of the columns; rest assured, we haven’t made another Jennifer up.
There are two Jennifers now at the Opasquia Times. Jenn Cook remains the General Manager and Jennifer Laviolette is the new Editor. We just felt that two Jennifers are better than one.
Jennifer Laviolette will be working as our new editor remotely from her home in Grandview, Manitoba. She also writes for our sister papers, the Swan Valley Star and Times and the Roblin Review. Laviolette has 15 years experience working in the media in both the newspaper and radio industry.

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